Writing update


Kristen here. So last week Allen came up with a great rough outline for Blood Mask. But it needed some work, especially work on expanding some of the roles to fit our resources. We have a lot of talented actors and not a lot of money. So we want to make sure that characters are part of the main focus of the story. This week, Oliver and I have met each day to come up with some additions to the outline (while preserving what is great about Allen’s first draft) but expanding it to have more characters and more scenes in locations available to us. It’s not easy, and one of the challenges has been seeing the bigger picture.

I’m a director, and the devil’s in the details. So I like to focus on every little thing and make sure that devil doesn’t sneak anything past me. But we are not writing the details yet (which will come with the script), we are trying to come up with the outline – the bones of the story. Soon we will add the meat and flesh out the details. But we need an accurate skeleton in place. Like the picture above.

The details we have come up with will move the writing process along quickly. And we do need to know some of those details to line up everything properly. But often times we have found that we need to step back and look at the big picture.

And it’s getting there. So I will have more updates for you soon.


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