Kristen here. It is that time to look back and reflect on the year and to plan for the year ahead. In the beginning of 2014, I sat down with my Mikos and Scott, my partners in the Production Bunch at the time, and asked them to take an adventure with me on a foolhardy […]

Kristen here. Life has been good and very exciting the last two months. We acquired a studio space (Strange Worlds) and have begun our 4 week film projects again. Only one more week until the first project, Buying the Farm, is released. The feature film, Transgenesis, is currently undergoing rewrites based off the of the […]

Kristen here. I am glad to get back to this blog after some absence. This last month the company has acquired a production studio space called Strange Worlds and we have begun a 4 week short film project. With that development, much of our time was diverted away from Transgenesis. However, I did have several […]

Kristen here. It has been some time since my last blog post, I apologize for that. But we realized that to get investors, we need an amazing script. What we have is a very good script, and we have taken some time to get feedback from readers. We are now on the 8th daft of […]

Kristen here. Kickstarter was just what we needed to get clarity back. The goal this year is to make a QUALITY feature film in one years time, though it looks like that time frame is going to take longer. And that is because we put quality first. But we want to focus on quality in […]

Kristen here. We are deep into fundraising mode and at this stage of the game, it is important to have a clear pitch for investors. After all, if we can’t tell our story well verbally, why would they trust that we can pull it off visually? Our pitch changes as we talk to more and […]

Kristen here. One of the things that has really helped us has been our investors packet/ prospectus. This packet includes our cover art, a table of contents, legal disclaimers, a one page treatment of the movie, our potential cast, market research showing similar movies that have made a profit, and a supporting article that shows […]


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