It’s midweek already in the first week of the @ProductionBunch cycle, which means I have the pleasure of writing a short film. Today, I chose a title and genre for the short. I’m not sure how the story is going to turn out yet, but I will reveal that so far, it is a rom-com. […]

Hi all, Kristen here. Recently Mr. James H. Rust wrote up an article regarding our feature film, Transgenesis, saying “An attempt to create more scares about the use of genetically modified food is described in the following e-mail sent by Kristen that describes a movie “Transgensis” in which GM Food causes a contagious disease that […]

Hi all, Kristen here. I spoke with a farmer who informed me that H.R. 1599 (GMO Labeling) is going up before the committee tomorrow for a vote in Washington, D.C. and she shared a list of points that The Organic Consumers Association created to support labeling, and I am going to share these points with […]

Hi all, Kristen here. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface in terms of interviews and questions for research for our film, Transgenesis. I am looking for experts in all areas to get a better understanding of GMOs. Here are some of the questions I asked Professor Kevin Folta. (But first, a little about him) […]

Hi fans. Kristen here. We’ve been working hard fundraising and applying for grants! And as a result, we have an updated synopsis of our film for you. Let us know if you like what you read! One Page Synopsis: Blake is one of the top genetic engineers at food corporation, Mikrisco, until the company downsizes […]

Hi fans, Kristen here. It’s been a wonderful, challenging year as we continue to develop our screenplay and prepare for filming. Part of the challenge of making a movie is clearly communicating those ideas you hope to convey. I personally find that a story evolves the more time you spend with it. Some may disagree, […]

Kristen here. It is that time to look back and reflect on the year and to plan for the year ahead. In the beginning of 2014, I sat down with my Mikos and Scott, my partners in the Production Bunch at the time, and asked them to take an adventure with me on a foolhardy […]